Suis, quality and rigour

High quality and maximum rigour are concepts that, when they coincide, always provide excellent products. One of them is Suis, our monthly publication aimed exclusively at technicians in the swine industry.

The magazine, who was born in October 2003, is designed as if it were a training programme, with the basic (yet ambitious) objective of guaranteeing the most complete professional update that swine technicians need in order to perform their job.

This task is carried out by the most qualified specialists from the all the sectors of the swine industry, from public health to genetics, reproduction and handling: all the disciplines have their place in the magazine.

The pages of Suis feature articles, clinical techniques, studies, clinical cases and, among other aspects, the most precise news and agenda. As a guarantee of its professional rigour, a complete consulting committee, formed by national and international experts, ensures the quality of our contents.