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Cookie policy

What is a cookie?

Cookies are files that are downloaded onto the user’s device (computer/smartphone/tablet) in order to access certain web pages, and which are stored in its memory. Among other things, cookies enable information about the user’s or their device’s browsing habits to be stored and recovered, as well as what pages he/she visits, the amount of time they are connected, and to analyze how a page is working, whether there are technical problems, etc. Depending on the information they contain and the way the device is used, they may be used to recognize the user.

What kinds of cookies are there?

Depending on their duration, cookies can be classified as “session cookies” or “persistent cookies”. Session cookies disappear from the user’s device when he/she leaves the website visited or closes his/her browser. Normally, they are stored in their device’s cache (CPU) memory. As for the persistent cookies, these are stored on the hard drive of the User’s device permanently or for a long time, so that the website that has generated them can read them whenever the User visits it again. The expiry date of these kinds of cookies is set by the website that generates them.

What are cookies for?

Cookies are a set of data that a server deposits in the User’s browser and which it may subsequently request in order to recognize him/her over a series visits to the website. In other words, it is a small text file stored on the computer’s hard drive to identify the User when he/she connects to the website again. Its purpose is to register the User’s visit and store certain information.

Cookies are used to offer you customized services and/or advertising, to analyze how the system is working, recognize you when you enter as a user, identify incidents and problems that may arise and solve them as soon as possible, as well as analysing and measuring the use and activity of the website.

Is my consent needed to insert a cookie?

Consent is not necessary to install technical cookies or those that are strictly necessary to provide an information society service expressly requested by the recipient.

For the others, consent is needed from the interested party, which can be requested in different ways. With Grupo Asís Biomedia, consent is deemed granted if you continue to use the website, although you may revoke this and deactivate the cookies at any time.

What cookies does Grupo Asís Biomedia currently use?

We use some types of cookies that are strictly necessary for our website to work properly. This type of cookie includes those that enable the website’s servers to establish whether or not you have begun a session in the system, respond to actions provided that you keep the session activated, or set the website’s language according to your location. As a result, if you do not allow these cookies to be downloaded onto your browser, you will not be able to access some of the services provided by our website.

We also use a Google Analytics Cookie, which carries out statistical analyses. We use this cookie to monitor and evaluate the use of our website (such as the use of the browser, the number of new visitors and responses to marketing activities). This helps to give information about any improvement made to the website.

We stress that this does not contain any information that can identify you personally. Nevertheless, you may opt out of Google Analytics Cookie usage. Alternatively, almost all browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, etc.) allow the settings to be changed in order to block or delete cookies. As we have mentioned above, if you block all of this website’s cookies some of its functions will not work.

How can I deactivate the cookies?

Most browsers show how to set up your browser so that it doesn’t accept cookies, so that it notifies you every time you receive a new cookie, or how to completely deactivate them. In order to control how your information is used, you can set up your device’s browser however suits you best.

In any case, we inform you that if the technical cookies or operational cookies are deactivated, the website’s quality may be reduced or it may be more difficult to identify you.

You can find more information about different browsers via the following links:

In order to exercise your right to access, rectify and cancel data, you can contact our customer services located in our offices at Centro Empresarial El Trovador, planta 8, oficina I, Plaza Antonio Beltrán Martínez 1, 50002, Zaragoza (Spain). Tel. (+34) 976 46 14 80. Email: