EspeciesPRO, All for pet shops

Pet shops have a common window: the EspeciesPRO magazine. Since its creation, in 1996, it has become an undisputable leader in diffusion, with a 94% rate. It is also the publication preferred by 8 out of 10 shopkeepers in the sector.

And why do they choose EspeciesPRO? First of all, because the professionals in this field have discovered that it is the most convenient and simple method to know more about the latest commercial news. The pages of Especies offer extensive information about the latest products on the market.

With a circulation of 6,000 copies, the publication of Grupo Asís serves pet shops faithfully; every month, it offers its readers extensive and enjoyable information about birds, exotic animals, toys, accessories for small animals, nutrition, innovative products and grooming, among other topics.

It is also the magazine most used by professionals in the fish keeping industry, who can get all the information necessary to their activity, from suppliers to accessories and food.