Clip, the marketing tool for the practice

Can you imagine your veterinary practice having its own magazine to promote its services? At Grupo Asís we already though about it… and that is why we created Clip.

Clip is your practice’s personalised magazine. With it, your centre has a prestigious tool that differentiates it from the others; it will enable you to improve your practice’s image, encourage visits from your clients, make them more loyal and inform them about offers, new services or campaigns. In addition, it has three characteristics that are extremely attractive to vets who are focused on their profession: it is easy to make, inexpensive and it has a professional look.

You will wonder, “how is it possible to make a magazine for my practice without any hard work?”. The recipe is simple, but you will only find the necessary ingredients in the kitchen of Grupo Asís.

Our team of professional veterinary editors collaborates with your practice to choose the information you want to get across to your clients.
We help you to present your messages in an effective way, and we combine them with articles about general tips on veterinary medicine and prevention developed to encourage clients to visit your practice more often.
We always bear in mind that it is your practice’s magazine, and that is also the way pet owners have to see it. For this reason, we customise the publication with the corporate image of your centre.

Don’t hesitate: if you want to have an exclusive marketing tool that will improve your veterinary practice’s image as well as its sales, go for Clip.