Ateuves, the practical information

You are a veterinary nurse and you are looking for useful information for your job? You need practical, direct and easy-to-carry-out tips?

Then stop here, because this magazine is for you.

Ateuves was born in 2006 with two purposes: offering a high-quality complementary training to veterinary nurses and providing them with updated information about all the aspects of their profession. From physiology, nutrition and diseases, to animal welfare, customer care and practice management.

Our magazine’s secret may have to do with its pleasant way of dealing with the most interesting topics; or it may be its varied content, that allows the veterinary nurse to know the basics about marketing, customer care, the treatment of diseases or even grooming in the same issue.

The fact is that the success of Ateuves is supported by its circulation of three thousand copies as well as satisfaction surveys and the growing number of professionals who ask to receive our publication every year.