Argos, a veterinary practice turned into a magazine

Argos was Ulysse’s loyal dog in Homer’s Odyssey. This is also the name of a Greek city, a 100-eyed giant, a legendary god and many other important figures in Ancient Greece. However, nowadays, Argos means quality, knowledge diffusion and professionalism: the best publication for companion animal practitioners.

Our monthly informative magazine keeps professionals from small animal veterinary practices updated because it offers technical articles, news, interviews and even the most currently relevant commercial information about the best quality products and services. It is the publication with the highest market share in small animal practices and it is an indisputable reference for authors, institutions and veterinary clinics in Spain.

Its 7,100 copies per issue make it the magazine most read in the sector, with a 98% reach; in addition, more than 200,000 pages of content are accessed through the Portal Veterinaria Argos every month.

Portal Veterinaria, the website for vets is the leading website aimed at Spanish-speaking veterinary surgeons. With its two web pages, Argos PV (for companion animal vets and nurses) and Albéitar PV (for production animal professionals), it currently exceeds 235,000 visits per month, according to statistical data from Google Analytics.

We highlight technical and commercial news in the sector, without forgetting the continuous professional development of vets with articles that go deeper into the specialties of the profession. In addition, we offer different free tools which can be very useful, such as the simulators for swine operations in Albéitar PV, the information sheets for owners in Argos PV or the notice boards to make job search, among other things, easier.

We also have sections sponsored by companies, in which a topic or specialty of interest to our users is dealt with, whether it be issues related to veterinary practice or business management for vets.